Koren Baker, Plastic in the form of Still Life.
Koren Baker put their focus in their final major project for their Photography degree on looking at  the plastic industry, and how much as a society we rely on plastic to preserve our food mainly. They also chose to use Still Life as an art genre to work with because, when they thought of fruit an veg photographed immediately the idea of Still Life came to mind, even with product placement and advertising for supermarkets there is a strong Still Life feel to it.

With careful thinking of lighting placements, keeping to strong rules of the Still Life Art form, the images have come out looking close to paintings back in the 1700’s when Still Life was growing. The look of of the plastic reflecting the light gives it an almost water effect, glistening the paper.

They also developed their idea further and wanted to show the extent of the worlds plastic use, but without contributing to the plastic themselves, so they decided to turn to a computer generated art form using Cinema 4D, where they could produce as many cups as possible without effecting the climate and environment.

With tonnes of plastic just thoughtlessly thrown away, this is a project each can be carried on for