Carousel is an installation piece designed to replicate the domestic viewing of colour slides prevalent in the mid 20th century. Colour photography was introduced during the 1930’s and 35mm slides became the most readily available and popular format for the 1940’s before colour printing from negatives became more available.

The millions of slides produced during this post war period offers insights, not just into everyday life, but into how this became documented photographically. These images eagerly awaited a domestic audience, families impatiently waited to view the documentation of their everyday life; requiring a projector, screen and a darkened room, this family ritual that has long since fallen out of fashion.

The slides projected for this installation derive from my own collection, I am fascinated with collecting these discarded images of anonymous and forgotten lives. The random juxtaposition of lives and situations that this creates has been the inspiration for this work. Carousel both celebrates the slides and the era of its popularity and makes use of it to suggest the ephemeral nature of human existence.