This website is produced to showcase the work of graduating photography students attending the University of Portsmouth 2020. It is compiled of varying styles, from commercial to artistic practices, exploring the notion of spaces, portraiture, staged and documentary.

The title Imminence originates from the idea that we are all nearing graduation and close to becoming our own practitioner. About to enter the cut and thrust of the wider world in general. Imminence is seen to unite us all under one roof and represent our tight knit community that we have formed over the past three years between our lecturers and fellow students. This experience has been filled with many obstacles, especially this year with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic but with grit and determination we can adapt and get through adversity. Acknowledging how grateful we are to the university for putting measures in place to make sure we finish our degree, from loaning laptops, to being able to keep cameras and associated gear throughout.

We would like to thank our lecturers Roel Paredaens, Richard Kolker, Jonathan Baggaley, Dana Ariel, Leslie Hakim-Dowek, Alexandra Lethbridge and James Allen for all their help and advice along the way, using their extensive knowledge and experience during the stressful and difficult times. We would also like to thank our technicians David Clarke, Billie Cawte and Andy Gregory for all their advice on camera equipment.

Finally we’d like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Faculty of Art, Design and Performance at the University of Portsmouth. This website will mark our achievements as a year group and our personal growth and development as practitioners. It is not only seen as the end of a chapter but the beginning of a new one.